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Districts - Sikka
Beaches and Villages around Maumere

Northern coast (Bay of Maumere)

The Bay of Maumere is not only one of the world’s most interesting diving spots. The western part of the shoreline with its beautiful beaches and idyllic villages also offers numerous pristine places for complete rest and relaxation. Some of the villages, such as Nangahure and Magepanda, give you the option to glance at the daily life of the local fishermen and get a taste of best fresh fish at local fish stalls where the villagers sell their catch of the day.


Tanjung Kajuwulu 5


Wuring Village

Wuring, a small fishing village, with impressive Mt Egon volcano in the background, is located on the main road about four kilometers west of Maumere. It is home to Bugis and Bajo people who live in traditionally constructed stilt houses. As Wuring was massively hit by the tsunami in 1992, many people moved to the neighboring village of Nangahure. However, Wuring is still their homeland where they carry on their tradition as tenacious Bugis fishermen.


Some of the villagers build boats, but not the big phinisi-schooners which the Buginese people are famed for. Women from nearby inland villages often come to Wuring to sell their agricultural produce for local fresh fish or salted fish which is a popular product in Sikkanese markets.


The Wuring people are friendly and open to visitors. Taking pictures usually is not a problem to them. The local children are especially fond of guests and are happy to accompany you in high numbers on your stroll through their village.


Doreng Beach, Sikka


Waturia Village 

Waturia lies close to the Transflores ‘highway’, around 14km west of Maumere in the Magepanda subdistrict. The small coastal village, which is inhabited by Buginese people, is surrounded by a nice mangrove forest. In the village, tall mango and tamarind trees spend shade from the burning midday heat.


Almost every day, the local fishermen gather to sell their catch of the day at small stalls on the side of the street. A little down of the road, you will find a chain of neat hills from where you can marvel at the beautiful bay in front of you and fertile valleys behind you.


Northern coast (Bay of Maumere)


Tanjung Kajuwulu Beach 

Tanjung Kajuwulu Beach is a long and tranquil strip. It is located about 26km west of Maumere on the northern coastal main road. With calming waves and shallow aquamarine blue water, Kajuwulu Beach is safe for leisurely swimming, family activities, or canoeing together with friends or loved ones. The lush mangrove forest is home to coastal fauna including shrimps, crayfish, and also various kinds of fish. So bring along your fishing gear and enjoy the fun.


Southern coast

As far as beaches are concerned, you are definitely spoilt for choice in the Sikka district, for the strips of shore on the south coast are as beautiful as their northern counterparts.


Doreng Beach

Doreng Beach, an outstretched pristine, ivory-colored seashore, is located on the south coast, about 39km from Maumere. At both ends of this four-kilometer-long beach you will find black sand, while the beach itself is blessed with fine, white sand. For experienced swimmers and surfers, the waves at Doreng Beach allure one to take a ride with a body board or even try to surf.


After having combed the coast line with its rich tropical vegetation, you may also spend a night or two savoring the serenity of the south coast. It is easy to arrange an overnight stay to witness the villagers’ genuine hospitality. Please meet the kepala desa (head of the village) first and inform him about your plans to stay the night. The locals are happy to serve you coffee, young coconut, or roast banana with chili sauce for a small contribution.


Kampung Wuring 2


Koka Beach

This beautiful bay on the south coast of the Sikka district is a favorite place for locals to relax or go fishing in their jukung outriggers. The long and wide white-sand beach is also popular among foreign visitors to pause, have a picnic, and maybe go for a swim.


The tall, black rocks interspersed with bright sand provide a very contrasting scene and are ideal objects for photography. Koka Beach is situated about 2.5km from the main road near Wolowiro Village in the Paga sub-district. From Maumere, it takes about 48km; from Wolowaru, about 35km.


Paga Beach

About halfway along the main road between Maumere and Moni, near the village of Paga, you will find another charming strip of beach that is worth a stop. If you did not bring your own picnic lunch, you even get the chance to eat delicious, fresh seafood in the small restaurant right on the beach while watching the local fishermen.

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